Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gemini - another masterpiece by PiKaSo

Gemini... another masterpiece by PiKaSo. More powerful tracks which include the fast lyrical song titled "Hi Speed (Fast lane Part 2)" featuring G-Boogs & Lost Souls. Another song that I like about this album is the catchy song “Sampaguita” featuring PJ of 7 Shots, this time PiKaSo includes Tagalog lyrics in his song. This album also collaborates with other artists like Marcus Davis, 7 Shots (Monique, Kim, PJ, Phillip), Ill J of SVC, G-Boogs, Lost Souls, Keith Martin, Young Pic, Mac Bully, Dash, Krook & Radha.

My favourite song in this album is Hi-Speed (Fast Lane Part 2), when I heard this song while sampling the songs of this album in the record store, I have no doubt and convinced that I have to buy this album. Get more from PiKaSo in this album; it has 17 tracks to listen.

Track listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Gemini
  3. Push It Back (feat. Marcus Davis)
  4. Solid
  5. Can U Feel It
  6. My Lullaby (feat. Monique of 7 Shots & Ill J of SVC)
  7. Fast Lane (Skit)
  8. Hi Speed - Fast Lane Part 2 (feat. G-Boogs & Lost Souls)
  9. Make Way
  10. Work It
  11. Bring Back The Vibe (feat. Kim, PJ, Phillip of 7 Shots)
  12. Pimp My Pen (feat. Keith Martin, Young Pic & Mac Bully)
  13. Sampaguita (feat. PJ of 7 Shots)
  14. Be Urself
  15. Walk On By (feat. Dash, Krook & Kim Fabros of 7 Shots)
  16. Stop The Hate
  17. Call ME (feat. Radha)
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