Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Event: Tugmaan (Nov. 22, 2014 at Chillax Resto Bar, Las Pinas City)

Chillax Resto Bar presents

Tugmaan 2014.
Rap Contest, Freestyle Battle, Booty Shake and Live Performances by some of the Philippines' Finest Emcees this coming Saturday (November 22, 2014 at 7PM onwards) at Chillax Resto Bar, Las Pinas City.

Live Performances by Target, Kharma Uno, Penper, Thugkyle, Baluarte ng Cavite, C-Suck-K, Lil-Khool, C-Loy, Ladzkie, M-Killah, Asiano Family, I-Mix Music, Mandy Mack & Juvenile Delinquent and a lot more.

Contest Registration:
  • Rap Contest (Solo): 200 PHP
  • Rap Contest (Group): 300 PHP
  • Freestyle Battle: 200 PHP
Ticket: 150 PHP (includes 1 bottle of drink & 1 Raffle entry)
Event is hosted by: D-Rodd
For information & inquiries, kindly contact:
  1. Penper: 0929-215-4536
  2. Thugkyle: 0928-365-0983
  3. D-Rodd: 0935-120-8988

Monday, October 13, 2014

Event: Hustle for Brielle - A Pinoy HipHoppaz Project (October 18, 2014; In Tune Resto Bar; 8PM)

Butta Flava Entertainment and Pinoy HipHoppaz Organization have presented yet another benefit event as part of the concept "Hip-Hop With Heart". The fund raising event is for the benefit of Alyss Brielle del Rosario who at her young age suffers from Biliary Atresia and needs a liver transplant. Also including the event are sales of CDs such as "MandaluYoung Vol. 2" which will also be donated for the cause.
The "Hustle for Brielle" Event includes performances from IPK (Itim Pero Kayumanggi), Legit Misfitz, Tukar Sinati, The Pax, Krazykyle, Rapskallion, Pinoy Republic, Bebe Riz, Franchize, Jug Honeyluv, Tambayan Records, Carnal Fellas, Tempes, Jeyouz, Pasayeno Brothers, FREEK, JR Prisno, Capone, Master Raiden, Lil Raiden, Blain, Righteous One, Simbagsik Productions, Duke ng Pasig, Spyker One, Plasma, Dagger, SNK, Lord Sasta, Knuckle G, C-Love, Gnarlydork, League of Genesis.

"Hustle for Brielle"
Happening this October 18, 2014 (Saturday) at 8PM.
Ticket Priced at: PHP 200 (with 1 Drink)
In Tune Resto Bar is located at: 672 Boni Ave., Mandaluyoung City
For ticket reservation and inquiries, you can contact: 0932-347-2967


Friday, October 3, 2014

Event: #LEGITMISFITZ20 - A Documentary Concert celebrating 20 years in Hip-Hop (Music Museum; October 10, 2014 at 7:30PM)

#LEGITMISFITZ20 is a Documentary Concert which gives you the chance to be part of history. Together with Legit Misfitz includes the legends, pioneers and most respected names in Philippine Hip-Hop Industry such as D-Coy, Blaze n Kane, 7 Shots of Wisdom, Stick Figgas, Krazy Kyle, Artstrong, Syke, Q-York, Philippine All-Stars, Lowkey Da Boy Wonder, Sam Rhansum, LDP, Pikaso, Urban Nation, Pino G, Francis Reyes, JOLO, Ian + Mallypot, Muriel, DJ Med, Nimbus 9, Layzie Fu, Microphone Mechanics, Women's Business Hip-Hop, Lola's Noisy Neighbor, Apekz, Just Hush, Jeff Tam, Iza Calzado and others.

D-Coy who is about to release his new single "#bebelabs" (featuring Muriel) will also perform to do a remix of the song "Trapik". Q-York will also be performing a remix of the song "Same Game".

Leading the charge for "Women's Business Hip-Hop (WBH)" is Jug Honeyluv (of 4 East Flava/WBH) together with Jazze Manuel & Bebe Riz. Monique Jaramillo-SeƱeres, part of WBH will also be reunited with her group, "7 Shots of Wisdom".

This documentary-concert is fully loaded with all-star line-up so don't miss it! Be part of Hip-Hop history!

#LEGITMISFITZ20 Concert will be held at the Music Museum this coming October 10, 2014 at 7:30PM. Tickets are available: VIP - PHP 1200, Orchestra A - PHP 999, Orchestra B - PHP 799 and Balcony - PHP 599. Contact Elem3nt East hotline at 0926-732-9490.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

OvenFresh! "Jabongga" by Legit Misfitz

Legit Misfitz - the Sons of Flip Hop, the legendary group that brought us the song "Jabongga", "Air Tsinelas" and "Trapik" as their signature tracks. The songs of Legit Misfitz became really popular during early-2000 most notably hitting the airwaves around 1994 onwards along with notable groups such as Masta Plann and Death Threat.

"Jabongga" was the group's biggest hit and to celebrate their 20 years in the industry, Yes! that was two (2) decades; they just released the song's MTV which also features the dance group "Philippine All-Stars". So, most of you or your Parents will have a Flashback when they hear this song. Well, that was probably the time when you are still shitting on your pants, bullying your classmates during grade school or sucking lollipops. This song was classic and vintage at its own right!

Legit Misfitz members includes: MC Dash (a.k.a. Mighty Joe Young; The Mad Asian Mack), Jhego Catabay and Producer Boom Dayupay (of Vibestation/Kulay).

You can catch Legit Misfitz and other legends of Pinoy Hip-Hop at their 20th Anniversary Concert (Documentary Concert) this coming October 20, 2014 (8PM) at the Music Museum. So, be part of the history and celebrate with the Sons of Flip Hop.

Tickets are priced:

  • VIP - PHP 1200
  • Orchestra A - PHP 999
  • Orchestra B - PHP 799
  • Balcony - PHP 599.



Monday, September 29, 2014

#BLENDED: A Joint Effort to Unite the Hip-Hop & Indie Band Scene (September 30, 2014 at The Crowd Bar, Mandaluyong City)

#BLENDED: A Joint Effort to Unite the Hip-Hop & Indie Band Scene

A JOINT event brought to you by Freaky Kiwi Club and Butta-Flava Entertainment!

As a very active member of the Indie local music scene, Jug of BFE decides, for the 1st time, to do a joint event with one of the most active event organizers in the Indie Band circuit, "Freaky Kiwi Club". This is also in commemoration of both groups' Anniversary month: September. Come join for a mixed-genre event!

#BLENDED will take place at The Crowd Bar and Resto in 2nd Floor, Madison Square, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City this coming September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) at 8:00PM.

Busting the mic for the Hip-Hop genre would be Hip-Hop Artists such as: Jazze Manuel, Bebe Riz, Lola's Noisy Neighbors, Lady Zasta, Krazykyle, Cha-Cha (from Tacloban), Magnettude, Jumil Makaluma, Bad Boys Prod. and the Pinoy Hiphoppaz.

Rocking the crowd would be the Indie Bands: Embers to Diamond, Time Firth, Saphiro, Sunday Radio, YSHA, Red's Got Scheds, Amorphous and Starcastle.

Empowering the event includes media partners such as: Bandstand Philippines,, Agimat: Sining at Kulturang Pinoy, Rapista (Rapista.PH;, Playhouse Production, Urbanpinasdotcom,

This is also to mark BFe's 13th Anniversary Celebration this month. Other events by BFe are:
#LEGACY: 13th Year Grind of BFe



Thursday, September 11, 2014

OvenFresh! Signif presents her new album "Friction"

Signif is a promising Emcee based in NYC. I like her music, I personally dig the song "Alright" from her album "Friction." ---madshock (Rapista.PH)

Milwaukee-bred, NYC-based emcee Signif presents "Friction", her new album featuring Elzhi, Sadat X, Aldrick, Genesis Renji and Emmy Wildwood as well as production from Skeff Anselm, DJ Puerto Roc, Fate, Radio Raheim and Moteleola.

"Friction is about the conflicts people face, or have faced when dealing with life on a day to day," says Signif. "I played off the 'Friction' title, because even though I live and practice a peaceful way of living and thinking, I’m still faced with a good amount of opposition, so I wanted to address some of those situations. The inspiration behind the album was to share some of my views that may have been misconstrued from previous works, also to keep the listeners engaged on my different perspective to certain social issues, and to have fun of course."

"Friction" is out now on Intelligent Dummies, and available on Signif's Bandcamp.

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