Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snapper feat. D-Coy at The Mosaic Music Festival Singapore 2010

Snapper feat. D-Coy at The Mosaic Music Festival Singapore 2010

Mosaic Music Festival showcases the music across Asia. It is a 10-day Music Festival ranging from different genres such as jazz, world music, indie-pop, techno, hiphop, rock and more. This year, D-Coy and the Beatmathics represents the Philippines.

Check out Mosaic Music Festival:
D-Coy with The Beatmathics (The Philippines)
Mix the west coast and the east coasts sounds of hip-hop together with that unmistakably fiery Filipino flavour and you have yourself D-Coy and the Beatmathics. Delivering hip-hop like no other, these guys promise a little bit of new school, a little bit of old and a whole lot of fun.
---excerpt from Mosaic Music Festival Website

About Snapper
Snapper's spectacle of her ability to merge her passions into her work. Her imagination perplexing STREET FASHION and MUSIC. From Hiphop culture to Asian fashion, her fetish and love for fashion and music began early. Growing up in the City of Angels (Los Angeles, California). In the mid-90's, she was receptive of the whole party scene and distinguish different crews wich portray unconventional attire, influenced by the entire Westcoast Gangsta Rap Music she fell in love with Hiphop.

Now Snapper is studying at School of Fashion and the Arts Manila to extend pursuing and establish the First Female Urban Clothing Line in the Philippines. Working on her SOLO ALBUM entittled "You Can Nevah Fade Diz."

Hiphop heroine will soon ascent in the Hiphop scene with her promising album. Collaboration with Philippines legendary producers and artists.

---words excerpt from Snapper Facebook
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