Thursday, March 5, 2009

Videos from Downtown Entertainment Rap Contest 2009 (Lico St., Tondo, Manila as of February 20, 2009)

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Downtown Entertainment Rap Contest 2009
Lico St., Tondo, Manila
February 20, 2009

Videos here:

Performances Highlights:

Batang SB - Cali One, Brownchild and Dogtale

Pinoy Rap Brothers feat. Downtown Entertainment

Buhay ng Gangsta (Extended Version) - Hukbalahap feat. O.G. Blazphem

Oras Na - Curse One and Mikehael Solido

Tempes & Penfer (Freestyle Performance)

Kahit Na - Salvation of X-Crew (Biglang may nag-away)

Mikehael Solido

Sana Ayos Lang (Bust It Baby Tagalog Version) - Oneway

AC Hustlaz

Da Bulilit Showdown (This one stole the show)

Contestants Highlights

Dukhang Makata


Kayumangging Poetico

Dugong Manunulat

Freestyle Battle

Batch One - 1st Round

Batch One - 2nd Round

Batch Two - 1st and 2nd Round

Downtown Freestyle Final Round
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