Friday, October 3, 2014

Event: #LEGITMISFITZ20 - A Documentary Concert celebrating 20 years in Hip-Hop (Music Museum; October 10, 2014 at 7:30PM)

#LEGITMISFITZ20 is a Documentary Concert which gives you the chance to be part of history. Together with Legit Misfitz includes the legends, pioneers and most respected names in Philippine Hip-Hop Industry such as D-Coy, Blaze n Kane, 7 Shots of Wisdom, Stick Figgas, Krazy Kyle, Artstrong, Syke, Q-York, Philippine All-Stars, Lowkey Da Boy Wonder, Sam Rhansum, LDP, Pikaso, Urban Nation, Pino G, Francis Reyes, JOLO, Ian + Mallypot, Muriel, DJ Med, Nimbus 9, Layzie Fu, Microphone Mechanics, Women's Business Hip-Hop, Lola's Noisy Neighbor, Apekz, Just Hush, Jeff Tam, Iza Calzado and others.

D-Coy who is about to release his new single "#bebelabs" (featuring Muriel) will also perform to do a remix of the song "Trapik". Q-York will also be performing a remix of the song "Same Game".

Leading the charge for "Women's Business Hip-Hop (WBH)" is Jug Honeyluv (of 4 East Flava/WBH) together with Jazze Manuel & Bebe Riz. Monique Jaramillo-SeƱeres, part of WBH will also be reunited with her group, "7 Shots of Wisdom".

This documentary-concert is fully loaded with all-star line-up so don't miss it! Be part of Hip-Hop history!

#LEGITMISFITZ20 Concert will be held at the Music Museum this coming October 10, 2014 at 7:30PM. Tickets are available: VIP - PHP 1200, Orchestra A - PHP 999, Orchestra B - PHP 799 and Balcony - PHP 599. Contact Elem3nt East hotline at 0926-732-9490.

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