Thursday, January 27, 2011

Official Statement - Eros Infinita Event Cancelled Indefinitely

Official Statement - Eros Infinita Event Cancelled Indefinitely

We are sorry to inform you that the upcoming Eros Infinita Concert this February has been cancelled indefinitely. We are actually working on it but due to some developments, we realized that we don’t have the needed time to prepare things. We have reassessed the situation and try to see the whole picture and we realized that we need more time to carefully plan this event. Doing an event like this is not as easy as what it seems to be so we decided to reschedule the event some other time to have better preparation.

We would like to thank those artists who are willing to participate in this event and we will keep in touch with you once we come up with a decision together with the schedule and venue. We hope you understand. We are also extending our sincere heartfelt thanks to those who are willing to support this event, underground artists, performers, fans and sponsors alike. Thank you.

Joint Statement released by: Rapista, Lakan, Pinoy Hiphop Superstar, Peace/Unity, Eros Infinita

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