Friday, September 24, 2010

Rapista Soundtrip (Producer's Lounge) MMC-001: Sally (6Blocc Re-Edit Dub Step Remix) by Gucci Crew II. Remix by 6Blocc

Title: Sally (That Girl) [6Blocc Re-Edit Dub Step Remix]
Artist: Gucci Crew II
Remixed by: 6Blocc

Rapista Soundtrip (Producer's Lounge)
Rapista Soundtrip (Producer's Lounge) is a way of Rapista to share sounds regarding music production, remixes, or any music that may give a Producer/Beatmaker an idea of some of the sounds related to Hiphop be it remix, basslines, blues, jazz, soul, or anything that a Producer/Beatmaker might be interested to inspire them create music or create a music out of music.
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