Saturday, September 18, 2010

Entries for the upcoming Rapista Mixtape titled "Ang Paglabas ng Lakan (The Rapista Mixtape Volume One - Series 2010)"

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Ang Paglabas ng Lakan
The Rapista Mixtape Volume One
Series 2010

"Kapag tahimik ang ilog malakas ang agos sa ilalim"

Entry for the upcoming Rapista Mixtape is now open. This is the first Rapista Mixtape. Deadline: November 30, 2010.

  • Songs must be original
  • Beat is original if possible
  • Strictly NO DISS TRACK.
  • No profane language if possible (Walang mura or foul words kung maaari)
  • Song must have topic like Struggle, Life, Love, Religion, Education, Street, Society, Environment or any topic concerning things about reality of life or the things around us.
Chosen songs will be included in the upcoming Rapista Mixtape which will be downloaded for free and/or compiled in a CD Album (Rapista Mixtape), broadcasted through Youtube, Rapista ( and The Hood (

Other songs which are not chosen but good will also be allowed to be downloaded to the Rapista Site.

Chosen songs will also be included in the Rapista Playlist.

Rights and credits regarding the song will still remain in the Artists and/or Production.

Entry must have title, artist, camp/production, logo of the camp/production (if any), website/facebook (if any), email (so that you can be contacted just in case your entry has been chosen).

By sending your entry, you hereby agree to allow your songs to be downloaded for free, and broadcasted thru Youtube, Rapista and other websites alike.

Send your entries thru email at: or

For other inquiries, please visit:
The Hood:
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