Friday, August 13, 2010

Bring Dat Booty - Masta Plann

Title: Bring Dat Booty
Artist: Masta Plann

Executive Producer: Bella D. Tan
Producer: DJ MOD & Masta Plann for Universal Records
Scratches & Noizes by: DJ Sonny, DJ MOD, DJ Ouch
(1992 DMC DJ Mixing Champs Philippines)
1993 Universal Records.

Bring dat booty over here, over here, baby
Bring dat booty over here, over here!
(Repeat 4x)

Bring dat booty over here ain't no time for relaxing
Causing more action than the brother named Jackson
Just like Jason with the lyrics I'll be axing
Maxing with a cutie while I'm steadily, steadily taxing
The butt continue with stunt like a blunt
Wrecking with the rhythm that I'm swinging, never bunt runt
Punt 'cause it's fourth down, you don't know where to go
Out the door, nothing more while I'm chilling with your...
Blowing on my ear, yo she starts to get malicious
Popping more flavor that a pack of bubbilicious
Stalking with a crack of a whip, never trip honeydip
So don't flip while we do it like this
(Repeat Refrain 2x)

Face to face it's the Trace up next
Freakin' with the funk and it's just like sex
With the honey that I'm spying sitting in the corner
The bam, bam booty yo it's time to get it on
You bring it over here 'cause this is where I stand
The man on the microphone in my native land
With the Mastaplann posse and we're never falling
Our music makes you jump while the others keep you crawling
Calling on a female it's time to hit the ground
So come on over here lady as we break it down...

Umph, baby umph, baby umph, baby umph (4x)
(Repeat Refrain)

Once again it's the Type and I'm bringing up the rear dear
Chilling with the Mastaplann so bring it over here
Don't ask what I'm talking about you really ought to know
The booty huh? The booty what? The booty, booty, so!
Let me kick my skills like my boy Van Damme
Sam I am not so let me tell you who I am
Who I be, the 'T' to the 'Y'-'P'-'E'
With the intellect to wreck shop stinging like a bee
C-D-E-F-GEE how shall I kick it?
Dragging with a cutie and you know I'm gonna stick it
Wicked like the predator, I'm way ahead of ya
Your girlie wants to 'T' so this is what I'm telling her
(Repeat Refrain)

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