Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rapista Playlist Advisory - Playlist is temporary down for the moment

Rapista Playlist Advisory

Rapista Playlist is temporary down. which is being used by Rapista as its playlist platform was bought by, if you will visit, you will be redirected to MySpace Music and there is a note of advisory saying that Imeem is now part of MySpace Music with the web address:

MySpace is working to migrate the imeem playlist to MySpace Music. And since the integration of and MySpace Music has started, the Rapista Playlist together with other Imeem users worldwide is also affected by the buyout. Rapista is searching for another website and/or platform that it will use to provide its playlist, Rapista is also looking for other options to cater its playlist. Sorry for the inconvenience. Rapista Playlist will be back once the playlist is settled. Thank you.

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