Monday, November 16, 2009

Artstrong TV presents... Artstrong Music Production Track#2 2009 (How to create Hiphop Track Sample)

Artstrong TV presents...

Artstrong Music Production Track#2 2009 (How to create Hiphop Track Sample)

About Artstrong

A multi-Talented Record Producer / Arranger / Composer / Musician / Artist / DJ that had been in the local Club Circuit since the early 90's started of as b-boy (breakdancer) then became an emcee then became a soul funk R&B rap singer then became a renaissance of music inherited his Fathers' Jazz Influenced since his Dads' fame back in the 60's the magnificent Pioneer of Jazz Stand-Up duo Pat Salem and Dinky doo Sr. In yr. '95, he worked as a Rap Emcee/ Hip-hop Producer with the True Asiatik Tribe (Masta Plann Posse), a multi-awarded Hip-hop Crew in the Philippines that brought the true Hip-hop essence. In '96 until yr. 2000, he worked as B-boy (breakdancer) /Singer / Producer internship with Vibestation Entertainment where he toured with the group called "KULAY" the very 1st Filipino R&B Funk Trio that made it in the U.K. Top of Pops.

He released his first long awaited Debut Solo Album in May 2004 released under "Warner Music Philippines" self entitled "It's meant to be like that!" one of the most eclectic major released album in the Philippines in 2004. And on the 18th Annual Awit Awards 2005, he was awarded for the following Categories as a Producer/Composer/Artist: Best RAP, Best Alternative/World Music, Best Jazz and shared the Best Male Performer of the Year with Gary V., one of the most renowned and well respected solo artists in the Philippines. In 2007, he worked at HIT PRODUCTION, one of the biggest and multi-awarded commercial advertising Production House in Asia as an in house Arranger / Composer / Musician for commercials. He scored most of the biggest corporate clients in advertising such as Nestea, Nescafe, Creamsilk, Jollibee, Mazda, San Miguel Beer, Sky Cable, Citreon, Nesvita, Globe Telecom, Smart Telecom, Hush Puppies, Bingo Cookies, Alaska Milk, Rexona Body Spray and the lists goes on. His biggest jingle commercial project in 2006 was the remarkable NESCAFE jingle that is still being used in all the NESCAFE Commercials up to this time. He's known as the Hip-hop Renaissance in the Philippines.

He's first major collaboration track that made it on a #1 Hollywood Movie in 2006 Soundtrack of "Step Up" the Movie the song " U must B" along with Gina Rene of Soulstice where Artstrong originally co-wrote the words and music of the soundtrack itself. Artstrong has also been featured in SCRATCH MAGAZINE in 2007, one of the most renowned and strictly the Best of the Best Hip-hop Producers Magazine in the U.S. Last October 2008, Artstrong and the Beatmathics participated in the very 1st Asian Hip-hop Convention that was held in Bangkok Thailand where the Beatmathics marked as one of the Asians Favorite Group that Performed in the Event. He's currently in the Studio Producing a Historical Record for D-coys' upcoming new Album entitled "WIKA."

Artstrong is into Facilitating Hip-hop Events and like a handyman he's hobby is fixing and creating furnitures and setting up studios.



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