Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pinoy Republic - Group Profile

Pinoy Republic is formed by members of the group LEGIT MISFITS and 4 EAST FLAVA
which have been known as one of the pioneers of the Philippine Hip-Hop Movement. The
group started last December 2008 and has released a compilation album entitled “Juan
Republic” that features underground artist under their own independent label which is
distributed by Aeon Records/Synergy Records. Now they are releasing their self debut
album under PolyEast /EMI Records.

Pinoy Republic’s repertoire varies from tagalog to english rap and r&b music. They have
crafted a different vibe that distinctly defines the future of Filipino rap industry. Pinoy
Republic does not only write music that the mass can relate to but they also promote
patriotism, freedom of speech, human rights, camaraderie, importance of family and social
Jhego Catabay - Jhego is a former partner of Dash Calzado from the group Legit
Misifits who have brought the hit songs Jabonnga and Air tsinelas. He is also known as
Felix Bakat during his solo days. Now he is one the composers for the group. Currently
Jhego is employed as the Label Manager for Pinoy Republic Records and is an active
member of FILSCAP. A happy family man of 4 children that exerts 200% effort in providing
his family needs.

Anthony Padua - Anthony has debut his rap career in 1991 when he was invited to
perform in two concerts of the group RAPASIA that featured Martin “the Bronx” Magalona.
The youngest from his former group 4 East Flava who brought you the club hit “ Check the
Hood” under Polycosmic Records. Also known as the mack / von in his flava days. He is
currently the group’s composer and arranger. Aside from rapping, Anthony is the CEO for
Pinoy Republic Records, Clothing and Entertainment and is a new member of FILSCAP.
Also proud father of 2 (going 3) children, he focuses on family values and quality time.

Norman Sta. Ana – Also Known as the Mythical Stentor, Norman is from the group 4
East Flava. He has debut in 4 EAST FLAVA’s underground release Album entitled “butta
flava” as a new member replacing Shorty. He is now employed as an I.T. personnel in a
call center in Makati.

Gary Flores - Gary is also known as Layzie Fu and is the R&B singer of the group.
The vibe and the soul of the group, Gary is a former dancer of the group 4 East Flava. He
as well debuted in the underground release album “ butta flava” and is a session artist of
K24/7 band. He is also a productive distributor of Pinoy Republic Clothing for San Juan /
Mandaluyong area.

The group has just completed its first full length self debut album which is to be released by Polyeast /EMI Records this coming fourth quarter of 2009. The 18 track album is mix of views and opinions on child rights, camaraderie, street culture and Importance of Family. Yet they have not eliminated the essence and elements of hip-hop to show that they are truly one of the roots of Philippine Hiphop.

Featured songs in this album are “Dalawang Bote” which makes you go back in the days when you were still in your high school days, The song “Pwede Ba?” an upbeat track that challenges the Filipino mass listeners to patronize local innovative music. Also the song “how we flow” which showcase the talent of their group. And some controversial cuts like “Kalye” that embodies street culture and the importance of having respect and word of honor, Karapatan which depicts
the rights of a child and the song “Paso” which shows mans weakness as he overcomes it thus showing the Importance of family.

The album also includes a track that will be endorsed by the Philippine Hiphop Dance Federation which is entitled “Groove.” Currently they are busy preparing for the launching of their first album and are busy promoting the JUAN REPUBLIC compilation album.

The music video of the song “HALA-BIRA” which is the carrier single of the JUAN REPUBLIC COMPILATION is also included their album and is now being played at Channel 23’s MYX and Channel 40 (MTV Phils.).

For bookings, guestings performances or any information on the groups gig, you may email them: or call
Mari-len Padua (Manager) - cellphone 0928-4164108

for bookings/music production, pls contact:
Jhego Catabay (label Manager)
landline: (02) 359-7386
cellphone: 0918-5297832
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