Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lon presents... SPLAT! The Mixtape

At last, Brown Biscuit Music has released their mixtape. Lon, Konfuzed and the rest of Brown Biscuit family has been in the underground hiphop scene for quite some time now. All you beatmakers and producers who are drooling to hear Konfuzed musical ingenuity will now have a chance to listen, collect and hear his music and together with Lon's lyrical ability to spit rhyme and deliver in-depth verses plus the rest of Brown Biscuit Family and you now have one mixtape with pure quality.

You must listen to the song “Makabago,” “Kami’y Nandito Na” and also one of my favorite songs is the “Kickpad.” Actually, most of their songs here are worth listening. This mixtape is worth to be collected and be shared to your friends. Just listen and enjoy their music. It’s Brown Biscuit Music!

Track listing:
1. Kami'y nandito na- Konfuzed and Lon
2. Sand on my feet - Lon
3. Sa aking pagdating - Konfuzed
4. Mga higante - Drymouth and Lon
5. Sisikat din ang araw - Konfuzed
6. You can make it - Konfuzed, Lon and Valerie
7. Kickpad - Lon and Konfuzed (listen here)
8. Didn't want to - Lon
9. Makabago - Konfuzed and Lon (listen here)
10. Get it back - Drymouth and Lon
11. Killing me softly - Valerie and Lon
12. The bittermelon parody - Lon

Grab a copy for just 100 pesos each, it has 12 cuts from Brown Biscuit Music:
Lon, Drymouth and Konfuzed

For orders, please contact:
Mobile: 0915-4176175
YM: brownbiscuitmusic

For more info, please check:
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