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Penper: Pangalan Pa Nga Lang

Pangalan Pa Nga Lang

Album Title: Pangalan Pa Nga Lang
Album Artist: Penper
Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Di Uubra (feat. Tuglaks and M.C. Nemz) (listen)
3. Flirt
4. Inspirasyon (feat. D-Rodd)
5. Tapos Na Ba ‘To?
6. Lagi Na Lang
7. Sa Inyo
8. Di Pansin
9. Alay Kay Inay (Mobbdawgs feat. Mikeman) (listen)
10. Wala Na Ngang Iba (feat. Slim-O) (listen)
11. Wala Na Bang Pag-Asa? (feat. Cavite Lyrical)
12. Sistema Ngayon (feat. Big-L) (listen)
13. Para Sayo Pt. 2 (Mobbdawgs)
14. Kasama Mo (feat. Slim-O and Lady-Ill)
15. Mahiwagang Galaw
16. Paalam (listen)
17. Sabayang Bigkas (All Stars)

Penper: Pangalan Pa Nga Lang
A 17-track album of Penper (of Mobbdawgs/Baluarte Ng Cavite) with a collaboration with artist like: Tuglaks, M.C. Nemz, D-Rodd, Mobbdawgs, Mikeman, Slim-O, Cavite Lyrical, Big-L, Lady Ill, Mista Blaze, Negatibo, Slick n Sly Kane, Hearty, J-Hon and many more.

Highlights of the album are the songs: “Di Uubra” (feat. Tuglaks and MC-Nemz) which is one of the tracks that stands up in the entire album, this is one of my favorites in this album, “Sa Inyo” is Penper's version of Eminem's Mockingbird song, “Alay Kay Inay” (Mobbdawgs feat. Mikeman) is like Mobbdawgs tribute to their mothers with a collaboration from Mikeman, hearing this song makes me remember a song from Final Fantasy and also the chorus is reminding me of a gospel song; mixed together with beats and fitting it with rap lyrics… the result… is a song you can dedicate to your mother. “Wala Na Ngang Iba” (feat. Slim-O) is another song that I like in this album and probably comes in the top number 2 spot next “Di Uubra.”

“Wala Na Bang Pag-Asa?” (feat. Cavite Lyrical) - a soft melodic rap song which you can dedicate to the one you are courting. If you can listen to this song carefully and understand its lyrics, this is a very nice song for courtship... pwedeng pang-harana hehe.

“Sistema Ngayon” (feat. Big-L) - in this song, you will feel the struggle of aspiring rap artists; from their experiences especially in rap contests, this is a reflection of what is happening in the underground hiphop scene. I have to admit that the Philippine Hiphop scene is also being politicized, abused and being taken for granted by many or who would really believe that behind this are the organizers and sometimes the judges themselves? I'm not saying that all organizers or judges are the same but I would agree with what this song is saying. Listen carefully and you'll know that this song is based on facts that every rappers who have joined a rap contest can relate to. Hiphop is struggling and I know you know what I mean. Don't blame me for my opinion, take a look around and maybe in a way, you will agree with me. This track is a very informative and wake up call song of what is happening in the very event that we all loved to see: The Rap Contests!

“Mahiwagang Galaw” - a dance track in this album. “Paalam” comes with a very sad tune. For me, I think that this is a farewell song or should I say a goodbye song which would probably change your mood along with the mood of this song. The last track “Sabayang Bigkas” is a 13-minute All-Star Track which features artists like Mista Blaze, Slick n Sly Kane, Hearty, Negatibo and many more!

Album reviewed by: madshock

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