Monday, March 30, 2009

RIP Francis M Shirt by D Clothing Line



Back (Plain Black) - This one is customize. Not included on the shirt.
For inquiries, contact:
D Clothing Line
Mobile: 0928-2294584

For those who asked me of where I got this shirt which I wore at D-Coy & the Beatmathics Concert at the Music Museum last March 28, 2009. I bought this shirt from D-Rodd of D Clothing Line (Mobbdawgs/BNC - Baluarte ng Cavite). I have ordered this shirt a day after the death of Francis M. I have requested him to put one of my blogsites (Rapista | Pinoy rap at its finest! on the back of the shirt as a pledge to continue supporting the underground hiphop.

Maybe some of you do not know why I'm doing these things. Maybe you won't even understand.. I would like to give thanks to those people who appreciated what I do, for those who believed in me, for those who has helped me and supported me in what I do. This is a very long struggle. I hope we can be united.

R.I.P. FRANCIS M (1964-2009)
Thank you for inspiring us and for sharing your music, insights, views and life. You are a true King, a true Legend, a true Warrior, a true Filipino. We may not meet when you are still alive but I’m looking forward to meet you after my days end. Watch out for us. We will not let you down. You’ll see.

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