Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tippin' The Scales - Turbulence Production

Tippin' The Scales by Turbulence Production

From the one of the most respected production outfit which brings you The Community and the hits like “Diploma” and “Lapis at Papel” by Gloc-9, Turbulence Productions brings you the ground shaking and much awaited album “Tippin’ The Scales.”

Produced by: B-Roc, Traumatik, Chrizo, Lowkey Da boy Wonder and Mr. E. “Tippin’ The Scales” is a bass pumping album which includes my favorite track “Tilt Your Cap (To The Billboard)” by Nimbus9 feat. God’s Will. Get your copy now.

Album: Tippin' The Scales
Artist: Various Artists
Track listing:

  1. Watch Whatchu Say - Aero
  2. December 22 - Black (listen)
  3. It's Blue Batt - Blue Battallion (listen)
  4. Utak, Lapis at Papel (Bagong Tasa Remix) - God's Will, Hotnixx, B-Roc & A.N.E. (listen)
  5. Masama o Mabuti - God's Will
  6. I Got them All (Hotnixx Baby) - Hotnixx (listen)
  7. WHOA (Pinas Remix) - Hotnixx, God's Will, Aero, 12 Gauge, Nimbus9, Black & PHD (listen)
  8. Summer Love (Remix) - Justin Timberlake feat. NathanJ, Nimbus9 & Prolifik
  9. Caught Up (Soulfiesta Remix) - Ken Jhons feat. Knowa Lazarus
  10. After Laughter Comes Tears - Kim Fabros
  11. United (Wag Magpapagiba) - LDP (listen)
  12. I Am The Greatest - Marquiss
  13. Manifesto - Nimbus9 (listen)
  14. Tilt Your Cap (To The Billboard) - Nimbus9 feat. God's Will (listen)
  15. If U Were My Baby Girl - Nimbus9 feat. Marquiss & Hotnixx
  16. Kinabukasan - Peoples Future feat. God's Will
  17. Ang Aking Himig - PHD (listen)
  18. May Tagos - Urban Outlaws (listen)
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