Friday, January 18, 2008

Bridge Da Gap – On D' Uda'ground

Bridge Da Gap is a group which aims to provide and spread positive rap music. Their latest album “On D’ Uda’ground” contains songs which I can describe as a non-typical pinoy rap which values life, love, friendship, and things evolving around their surroundings. Unlike other albums which contains lyrical attacks, verbal assaults on how tough they are or how good they are… this one is a listener-friendly. It contains no explicit lyrics which added bonus to listeners because you can play it in your house or other places without fearing that others who can hear will criticize you for having a song with explicit content.

Of all its 12 tracks, I have chosen 7 songs to be included in my online playlist. If I have chosen these songs this means that of all the 12 tracks, 7 tracks are very good to listen to which amounts around 60 – 70% of the entire album. This is how I decide to buy an album or to refer to my friends, if the album is 30 – 40% (or 3-4 songs of the entire album are good) quality I buy it and refer it but if the album fails to impress me or should I say only 20% is good, I don’t refer it. I also have encountered buying an album with 1% quality which I do not even play or listen now. I feel it’s a pure waste of money. The funny thing about our music industry is that artists or rappers do not care about their fans or listeners. Sometimes they fail to impress the buying public. Was it worthy to give your fans 1% quality music? I don’t think so… maybe it’s one of the major reason why hip hop in the Philippines is still struggling and our airwaves is being dominated by foreign hip hop acts.

With this album, I put them in my Pinoy Rap collection. Its listener friendly, positive music, and its worth buying. Bridge Da Gap is composed of: Eternal, Kira Cheatz, Mykel, Jumil Makaluma, 12Gauge, Mensahero, Slick & Kaliphunan.

Album: On D’ Uda’ground
Artist: Bridge Da Gap
Track Listing:

  1. B.D.G. – Bridge Da Gap Family (Listen)
  2. Himig ng Lansangan – Kaliphunan, Mykel, Slick, Eternal
  3. Say U Luv Me – Jumil Makaluma, 12Gauge, Eternal (Listen)
  4. May Pag-asa – Mensahero
  5. Ano ba ‘to? – Mykel, Eternal
  6. Kahit… - Kaliphunan
  7. Nais Ko – 12Gauge
  8. Liham – Eternal (Listen)
  9. Kira Song – Kira Cheatz (Listen)
  10. Kaguluhan – Kira Cheatz, Slick, Jumil Makaluma (Listen)
  11. Tropa Track Part 3 – Bridge Da Gap Family feat. Daigo, K-jah, Kial of 187 Mobstaz & Mike Kosa of Dos Talentos (Listen)
  12. Ano ba ‘to? (Pinoy Krank Remix) – Mykel, Eternal (Listen)

On D’ Uda’ground Album by Bridge Da Gap Family is produced by Arthug Beatz and released by Classic Entertainment.

For more information, please visit:

or contact ETERNAL @ 0927-8354326 / 0923-3292256

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