Thursday, July 12, 2007

Roscoe Umali - the Freshest Filipino!

Title: Live it up
Artist: Roscoe Umali featuring E-40 & J. Black

Roscoe Umali - Another rapista is making noise and no wonder, he is dubbed as the freshest Filipino! Meet Roscoe Umali bringing up the Pinoy Pride. Mabuhay ang rapistang pinoy!

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"Homegrown Emcee: Every few years, the hip-hop movement reinvents itself through the rising of the next generation of MCs. The old school planted the roots of the genre and over the past three decades, the game has seen the range of artists from EPMD to Eminem and survived the fierce confrontation of the East and the West as well as the emergence of the South. Now the time has come for the next reinvention to the face of the new hip-hop era. At the forefront of this movement is Roscoe Umali, one of the sharpest Emcees to have ever blessed the mic. In their basic form, Emcees are classified into three categories; the battle Emcee, the storytelling Emcee and the party Emcee. With his masterful rhyme schemes, slick delivery, and instinctive ability to get the crowd live with his one of a kind voice, Roscoe brings together all elements of the term "Emcee" in a way that has not been seen since the Golden Era of Hip Hop. In the short span of a year he has redefined the meaning of hustle by collaborating with Hip Hop Legends such as E40, Raekwon the Chef, Smiff and Wesson, Talib Kweli, and Westcoast Kam. His unbelievable industry buzz has also led to collaborations with multi-platinum producers DJ MUGGS (Cypress Hill), DJ KHALIL(SelfScientific, JayZ, G-UNIT, The Game), Jellyroll (Snoop Dogg, Dr. DRE), DK ALL DAY (Ludachris), as well as some of the hottest up and coming beatsmiths AMIL G, 1500 or Nutthin',and Tech Beats. Follow as we enter the world of a true master: Roscoe Umali is next!!!!!!"

"In his younger years, Roscoe began his journey into the realm of emceeing by shaking party crowds and introducing his high energy style to the club circuit throughout Southern California. As he continued to perfect his craft, his scope and exposure broadened throughout the world while battling some of the best MCs in his hometown of Los Angeles all the way to places such as London, Spain, and Korea. Undeniably, his highly anticipated upcoming release, "Homegrown Emcee", brings together the holy trinity of the art of Emceeing by combining heat seeking battle verses, crowd moving club bangers, and a new fondness for the art of storytelling.

To the delight of his fans, it is Roscoe's storytelling qualities that truly shine on this full length album. On songs such as "Rhymestate" and "Keep Grinding," the "Freshest Filipino" breaks through with elaborate verses of his life experiences not shown in party scenes and rap battle grounds and is a representation of his full evolution as a complete MC. In "Homegrown Emcee," Roscoe Umali delivers much needed food for thought for the starved fans of hip-hop's current diluted state. Throughout his journey, Roscoe supports his family and graduates at the top of his class from UCLA, arming his rhymes and creating a lethal combination of knowledge from the streets and much more."
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